A horse of a different color


     The way we knit in the south is different. Not the act of knitting itself mind you. Just the type of things we knit. It is hot wayyyyyy longer down here than up north, so sweater knitting isn’t going to be our everyday knitting. Nothing fun about hauling out a 2 pound wool sweater in 90 degree weather, right ! Today it was 89 degrees, so while running errands with the hubby I had my sock in tow.

Photo 2014-09-22 03.39.17 AM

We are getting closer to October, and even though the temperature won’t cool off very much, something about seeing all the pumpkins and the fall decorations going up…… well it just makes me want to start knitting things like cowls and shawlettes. The day they start offering the pumpkin spice lattes and my local coffee shop, I go home and start sorting through my DK weight yarn and looking at all the fun cowl patterns in my queue.

Photo 2014-09-22 03.40.05 AM

I picked up this great pattern at the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza this past weekend. Of course that isn’t the only thing I picked up shhhhhh. I will share my fun purchases with you in the next update.

See you soon !


One thought on “A horse of a different color

  1. Linda Rogers Viteretto

    Podcast is wonderful! Please continue. I am a long time knitter and also love to sew & design. I have only recently published my first patterns on Ravelry & i design one-of-a-kind project bags for my Etsy shop….myneedlenook! Very exciting times in the world of fiber!
    I look forward to your next episode!


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