Episode 4: Cast on all the things



Reading: Children of the Night by Dan Simmons

What I am wearing

What I am knitting:

Simple SKYP Socks



Spinning : Yorkie Slave



Episode 2: Still Learning


Thanks for coming back for another episode ! I am still learning here (hence the episode title) so I apologize if I am forgetting anything. I just realized after uploading the video that I didn’t tell you a needle size on any of my project. My bad ! I will link all my projects below. Thank God for Ravelry, right ?!

Off the needles

Reece’s Christmas Socks


Hubby’s Socks

Pinktober Mitts

Halloween Mitts

Stash Enhancement

October House

Must Stash Yarns

Magic and Moonshine

What I am wearing ….

Hurricane Hat

I promise to get better about giving yarns and needle sizes 🙂

Happy Knitting

Episode 1 Getting to know you




The heel construction I used for my magic loop cuff down socks came from the Show-off Stranded sock Pattern

The Pink bag with the hearts was purchased off of Etsy from CackleBerryCreations

On the needles this week :



Fingerless Mitts in the Hiwassee creek Twinkle toes yarn

Hubby’s Christmas socks in Must Stash Yarns

Halloween Mitts in Knit Picks Felici in the Spooky colorway in my Erin Lane Bag

Hitofude Cardigan in my RainStormStudios bag

Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza