Episode 1 Getting to know you




The heel construction I used for my magic loop cuff down socks came from the Show-off Stranded sock Pattern

The Pink bag with the hearts was purchased off of Etsy from CackleBerryCreations

On the needles this week :



Fingerless Mitts in the Hiwassee creek Twinkle toes yarn

Hubby’s Christmas socks in Must Stash Yarns

Halloween Mitts in Knit Picks Felici in the Spooky colorway in my Erin Lane Bag

Hitofude Cardigan in my RainStormStudios bag

Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza



10 thoughts on “Episode 1 Getting to know you

  1. Susan

    Love it!!!! I just have to say…first, I LOVE Must Stash yarn and I kwym about it being voodoo yarn. I can’t put my sock down either… Secondly… when you’re a monogamous knitter you never have to open a bag to see what the project is… just saying. : )


  2. Marsheila

    I really enjoyed your first podcast and looking forward to many more. Also, you might try the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. It has become my favorite.


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